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Textile Certifications Toolbox 2


This Toolbox contains insights to compliance structures and certification documentation from an auditor’s experience. It is a practical guideline to apply the knowledge gained from Toolbox 1.



This toolbox will provide valuable information on textile audits from an auditor’s experience and help you preparing for the compliance process. The documents navigate you through approaches of compliance documentation, expected implements at a unit and new routines to be considered.

Toolbox Resources:

  • Behind the scenes of Textile Audits
  • Who needs to be audited
  • Interpretation of Environmental and Social Compliance for Processing Units Storage
  • Units and Compliance
  • Scope and Transaction Certificates Guidelines
  • Logo and Marketing Claims
  • Overview of Standardholders and Certification Bodies roles
  • Auditing Timelines
  • Pre-Audit to-do-list


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