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Tech Pack Toolbox – Customizable


This modular Tech Pack Toolbox created by senior professional Maxi Bohn allows to pick & choose pages that match your business model.

Basis Sheet Template & Manual
Process Sheet Template & Manual
Print Embroidery Sheet Template & Manual
Pattern Interlining Sheet Template & Manual
Labeling Packaging Sheet Template & Manual
How To Measure Sheet Template & Manual
Fit Comment Sheet Template & Manual
Critical Path Sheet Template & Manual
Care Label Sheet Template & Manual
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This modular Toolbox comes with the full range of excel templates ready to use for your established apparel brand. Starting with the basis (cover page, technical drawing, graded spec, bill of material) you can simply add all necessary templates and easily elevate the quality of your tech packs to top league level. It has extended build-in functionalities that will save time, reduce copy & paste errors and bring clarity into your products at all stages. Realistic examples and easy to understand explanations are included in an additional manual. The templates can be used immediately and are open for your brand specific customization. This high-quality tech pack for professional brands and suppliers is well structured, easy to read and follows common rules of the industry. Based on her work for Hugo Boss, Zalando’s private brands and suppliers around the world Maxi Bohn, senior expert for product development, elevates your technical department to international top level.

The basis excel document includes:

  • Cover Page
  • Flat Sketch / Technical Drawings
  • Bill Of Material
  • Graded Spec / Measurement Chart

The modules to pick & choose:

  • Print / Embellishment Information
  • Washing Instructions
  • How To Measure Guide
  • Fit Comment
  • Labeling & Packaging Instructions
  • Pattern Piece & Marker Overviews and Lists / Interlining Scheme
  • Process Sheet
  • Critical Path Tracking Overview

Suitable for technical style development with or without own pattern making, sampling or production in house.

*System requirements: Microsoft Excel 2002 (equals Windows XP) or higher. Dropdown functionality can not be granted for Apple Mac Users without proper or outdated Microsoft Excel software.

*Templates do not include grade rules nor how to measure sketches.


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