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Sustainability & Compliance Toolbox


This Toolbox will help you to implement sustainable strategy. It provides essential guides, checklists, templates and tools to make your business more sustainable.

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Producing better quality, longer lasting clothes sourced responsibly with environmental friendly materials is a win-win situation that brings real benefit to manufacturers, retailers, and to customers. Working together, the clothing industry can pioneer sustainability throughout the life cycle of clothing. Taking practical action reduces the environmental footprint of clothing and transforms the clothing industry. This Toolbox provides SME Fashion Brands with essential guides, checklists, easy to use templates and self assessment tools to develop and implement a holistic sustainability strategy for future proof business models. The Toolbox enables designers, managers and CSR teams to turn theory into practice and is designed by industry experts with first hand experience.

Toolbox Resources

  1. Guide Sustainable Clothing
  2. Guide Sustainable Sourcing
  3. Guide to Sustainability Certification for Textiles
  4. Sustainability Assessment for Fashion Brands


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