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Production & Quality Management Toolbox


This Toolbox serves as an essential guide for SME brands, designers and production managers to manage one of the most challenging elements.


For most SME fashion brands finding sources and managing production is the most challenging element to get right and an important professional task to ensure orders can be fulfilled in the required time, quality, price and conditions. With this Toolbox you can secure production by saving time and money during the design, marketing and distribution that is scalable and future proof. Managing the clothing production process is challenging, especially in times of growth, internationalisation & professionalisation and strategic shifts towards sustainable business models. This Toolbox is an essential guide for SME brands, designers and production managers to plan and manage the production, quality, and logistics along the entire supply chain with multiple stakeholders. It includes step-by-step guides, easy to use templates with example documents designed by industry experts with first hand experience to make this process friction free and a lot more satisfying.

Toolbox Resources

  1. Guide Production Management
  2. Guide Quality Management
  3. Quality Control Manual
  4. Guide Labeling & Care
  5. Production Process Overview
  6. Labeling Requirements


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