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How To Measure Manual – Customizable

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This How To Measure manual improves efficiency and standardisation of your development and quality processes of your apparel brand. Pick & choose modules matching your product categories.

Basis Manual
Basic Top
Strap top
Neckline & Collar
Pleat & Button
Belt & Loop
Special Measurements & Stretched Measurements
Add On


This How To Measure manual is a key asset in the technical product development department of global brands. Senior professional Maxi Bohn (Hugo Boss, Zalando, Kilian Kerner) created this manual based on latest industry standards. It can be used by all apparel brands across all sizes (beginner, intermediate, advanced). With 184 POMs (Points Of Measure/measurements) it covers all product categories over your women’s, men’s and kids wear apparel collection (excl. lingerie, beachwear, soft accessories). All sketches are easy to understand and generalized which allows the use across multiple styles. Each POM is precisely described in technical terms commonly used worldwide. The manual format is Microsoft Power Point based which allows easy amendments, changes and adding additional content by all Microsoft users. The curves and shapes are and can be created according to the same logic as in Adobe InDesign / Illustrator. No special training is required for changes in the document and it includes useful instructions at the end how to amend it to your wishes.

The modular system allows you to pick and choose parts that match your product categories and business model. Next to garment-based sketches for tops and bottoms it contains many detailed sketches.

  • Improve quality control processes = profit from the garment-based modules “Basic top” to “skirt” (contain all fit relevant measurements in width and length)
  • Improve development processes = profit from garment-based modules and the detail modules. (e.g. Denim brands choose “Pants” and “Pockets”. Hoodie & T-shirt brands choose “Basic top”, “Raglan” and “hood“)

Get your HTM modules today and improve:

  • efficiency (stop wasting time creating measurement sketches on style level)
  • standards (enables the standardisation of graded specs and grading)
  • development & quality processes (no more misunderstandings, clear and consistent instructions)

The basis document includes:

  • General how to measure instructions & Change Log
  • Instructions how to change sketches, header & footer and layout of the document

The modules to pick & choose:

Garment-based modules:

  • Basic top (all basic bodice types with or without sleeves (T-shirts, blouses, men’s shirts, dresses, coats, jackets, suit jackets, knitted jumpers, hoodies, cardigans, …), includes all fit relevant POMs)
  • Raglan (all Raglan bodice types (T-shirts, dresses, coats, jackets, knitted jumpers, hoodies, …), includes all fit relevant POMs)
  • Kimono (all Kimono bodice types (tops, dresses, cardigans), includes all fit relevant POMs)
  • Strap top (all bodice types with straps (tops, dresses), includes all fit relevant POMs)
  • Pants (all pants types (shorts, culotte, leggings, chino, denims, …), includes all fit relevant POMs)
  • Skirt (all skirt types (mini, midi, maxi, slim, flared, …), includes all fit relevant POMs)

Detail modules:

  • Neckline & Collar (detail POMS for width, depth, length, …, for classic, asymmetric, cowl necklines, neck holder, shirts, blouses, jackets, coats, suits with lapel and shawl collar)
  • Hood (detail POMS for width, length, …)
  • Yoke (detail POMS for width, length, position,…, for jackets, coats, blouses, shirts, pants, denim, …)
  • Pocket (detail POMS for width, length, position,…, for jackets, coats, blouses, shirts, pants, denim, …) Pleat & button (detail POMS for distance, depth, position, …)
  • Sleeve (detail POMS for slits, cuffs, thumbholes, windcatchers, …)
  • Belt & loop (detail POMS for width, length, position, …)
  • Special measurements & Stretched measurements (detail POMS)


  • Add-on for your excel based graded spec (1-click transfer of all POMs + description to your excel file and/or the Tech Pack created by Maxi Bohn)

Suitable for style development with external pattern maker and quality control processes. System requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint “pptx” file format, PowerPoint 97-2003 “ppt”


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