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Expert Tech Pack Review plus live call


During this live call with senior expert Maxi Bohn, brands will have their Tech Packs reviewed and elevated to top league standard.

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Get the unique chance to let your Tech Pack be reviewed by Maxi Bohn – Senior Industry Expert. Having worked with high level suppliers all over the world she pushed the quality of tech packs to another level. Get this senior expert check and professional advice on your Tech Pack to avoid costly mistakes, fully digitize your development data and profit from ideas pushing efficiency. Learn about the strength and development areas of your existing documents and how each of them can be improved. Live demo of industry standards will be included. Book your 45min 1on1 video consultancy session in 3 easy steps:

1) Schedule your call here and return to this page.
2) Send your tech pack that you wish to be reviewed to contact@fashiontechconsultancy.com. Also Templates can be reviewed.
3) Add the “Expert Tech Pack Review plus live call” to your card and proceed to checkout.

Suitable for brands with or without own pattern making, sampling or production in house.

Based on her work for Hugo Boss, Zalando’s private brands and suppliers around the world Maxi Bohn, senior expert for product development, elevates your technical department to international top level.


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